Spend less time maintaining your property and more time meeting the revenue goals of your business.

Keeping your property clean is no easy feat particularly when people are determined to use your surfaces as their personal canvas.

It’s unsightly, it’s infuriating, and it’s taking time away from the things that you really want to be doing. We get it.

So, we provide the smartest solution to your graffiti problems.


Graffiti Removal Toronto

Have you ever wished that you could put an immediate stop to the unattractive scribbles that the perpetrators call art? Well, Target Graffiti is your chance. Graffiti does nothing but deface our cities and take the appeal away from the environment that we labour to uphold.

With years of industry experience, our trained specialists are able to remove all graffiti with no damage to substrates and the environment. We always keep our fingers on the pulse of cutting-edge technologies so we can deliver the highest quality workmanship possible. Using innovative equipment and methodologies, we guarantee 100 % removal.

remove paint from brick in toronto
Graffiti Removal Toronto

We have worked hard to conceptualize and perfect a process that has been proven to work every single time. Pressure washing or power washing is usually the method of choice as it’s less abrasive to surfaces and complements our products exceptionally well.

Imagine the satisfaction of taking a bold stance against vandals while restoring your property to its former glory. We’re proud to be the bearers of this good news and to be the stewards of our cities and councils. The best part of it all? You can get professional graffiti removal services at cost effective prices.

The only thing worse than being a victim of vandalism is getting an average cleaning service that simply can’t get the job done. For this reason, we take our capabilities and expertise to both the residential and commercial sectors.


We specialize in graffiti removal from storefronts, buildings, and other commercial properties. As soon as we are called to serve the city of Toronto, we spare no time in responding. We know that removal of graffiti within the first 48 hours is ideal, not only to ease the process, but to make a collective statement that vandalism will not be tolerated.


Your home should be a place of refuge where you can revel in homely comforts and get a peace of mind. Don’t let graffiti “artists” take that away from you. At Target Graffiti, we ensure that the exterior of your home and personal property remains spotless, as it should be. We use removal agents and/or paints that will protect your surfaces without leaving any residue.

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Vinyl Removal

Vinyl graphics and decals are adhesives that are used in outdoor banner advertising and vehicle identification. Particularly when vinyl decals have been secured for a significant period of time, they can be a stubborn pain to remove. There are varying vinyl brands and materials that make the removal process both an art and a science. At Target Graffiti, we are equipped with just the right equipment and operational technologies to get your surfaces looking spotless again.

It’s a growing pain to deal with the removal of vinyl from de-commissioned commercial vehicles or personal vehicles that have been used as a company’s personal billboard. For this reason, we created the Guaranteed De-Identification Program for company vehicles. We also provide remarketing services that our clients can trust.

In both a residential and commercial capacity, we can remove vinyl lettering and graphics from vehicles as well as other property. Our highly-trained and experienced team is committed to using only the best equipment and the most effective techniques to remove unwanted vinyl markings from your personal assets.

We do not just specialize in vinyl removal. We go a step further by revitalizing the beauty of your property in its entirety by also removing the image ghost. What is image ghost removal? Well, when vinyl graphics are removed, it leaves an unfortunate and noticeable outline to represent. With non-toxic solvents, we ensure that all residual images are completely gone.

Don’t take the risk of deploying the efforts of someone who does not have the scientific know-how of vinyl removal. It can damage your paint job and weigh your finances down significantly. We’re trained, we’re experts, and we love to serve you.