We’re Target Graffiti and we do one thing exceptionally well.


We provide the best graffiti removal and vandalism restoration service in Toronto.

Our trained technicians are experts in graffiti removal and use industry-leading techniques and equipment such as the power washer to restore the beauty of your surfaces. We know that Graffiti diminishes the value of your property and tarnishes the image of the business that you work so tirelessly to maintain. With our graffiti and vinyl removal services, you no longer have to be at the mercy of vandals.

Since our inception, we’ve dedicated our professional lives to ensuring that our customers get exactly what they come to us for and more. With a team that is obsessively committed to the important work that they do, we provide our customers with a fulfilling experience every single time.

Toronto pressure washer
Consistently Outstanding Service

We offer world-class commercial and residential graffiti removal services. When it comes to providing our customers with quality work, we do not compromise. Everything we do is laser focused on delivering maximum value at the most convenience. Your expectations will be met and surpassed because we believe that customer loyalty should be earned.

Bigger Than Professional Gain

While we do solve your graffiti and vandalism problems to the highest standards, our mission is an all-encompassing one. You deserve to have your property respected and kept to the standard that you left it in. As such, we make it our duty to openly condemn vandalism and demand justice on your behalf. Our fight against Graffiti is as much a preventative movement as it is providing you with premium solutions.

Customer-Centric Philosophy

We understand that superior work begins with superior customers. You are the pivot of our business and we appreciate the opportunity that you give us to serve you. We turn an unfortunate and maddening problem into a rewarding relationship between our dedicated team and our valued customers.